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The owner chef's passion
​ Thoughts on chocolate

Gohobi Chocolat's "Mission"

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Mission of Gohobi Chocolat

"Making customers feel happy"

This is the origin and mission of Gohobi Chocolat.


I can't help but smile
Finest couverture

Our store is particular about pursuing the original taste of cacao.

Therefore, we only use these four ingredients: cacao, granulated sugar, eggs, and butter.

There is a deep flavor that can only be brought out by this simple ingredient.



produce deliciousness​Production method


We faced chocolate and pursued the original deliciousness of cacao to the limit. If you are not particular enough to say, "You've gone this far!", then you won't be worthy of your reward. No matter who eats it, it's delicious! We are pursuing gateau chocolat that will make people say,

I smile the moment I eat it

​Best doneness


When you put it on your tongue, it melts and tickles your nostrils.

In order to bring out the texture of raw gateau chocolate, we are very particular about the degree of baking.


Reward chocolate “Secret story of birth”

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It was one October.

At that time, my beloved wife,

I started coming home every day looking exhausted.

My wife's sparkling smile was the happiest thing for me,

At that time, my wife was given a difficult job and was having difficulty with it.

That smile was completely gone.

Is there a way to bring back the smile on my precious wife's face?

As I was desperately thinking about this, I remembered something.

A long time ago, a friend from France taught me how to make gateau chocolat.

At that time, I was very impressed by how delicious something could be.

I spent all night trying to remember the recipe and trying to make it.

``I know you're working harder than anyone else.

I made a reward for you for working so hard. ”

I said that and handed over the gateau chocolat I made last night.

I put it out in front of her.

My wife's expression suddenly brightened,

As soon as you take a bite, your eyes sparkle like a girl's,

“...It’s delicious! happy! ! ”

Yes, I got the perfect smile that I had been waiting for!

Thus, Gohobi Chocolat was born.

We are sure that these chocolates will make your loved ones smile.

Please send your thoughts along with the words "You did your best!"

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