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Bring a smile to your face with just one bite

​The best melt in your mouth

To live up to its name, to make the best gateau chocolate

We create it without any compromise.


From purchasing to blending the highest quality carefully selected cacao

Everything is done by the owner/chef.

We bring out the best flavor of cacao with an exquisite blend of trade secrets.

Achieving a rich and deep flavor.

Each piece is handmade with great care.

Enjoy the harmony of happiness that fills your mouth the moment you eat it.

A luxurious treat for your loved ones​

Internal capacity


raw materials

¥3,300 (tax included)

Cacao mass, cocoa powder, butter,
Granulated sugar, eggs, lecithin, flavoring
(Some of the raw materials include milk, eggs, and soybeans)

expiration date

Refrigerate for a week

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