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​Kyushu Fukuoka Souvenir Grand Prix

There were 3,280 applications, and Gohobi Chocolat was selected as the grand prize winner.

Some of the judges are culinary experts.

Chizue Yamagiwa was also there.

​ "It was very delicious. Please keep up the good work," he said, cheering us on.


Visit of the French Ambassador

The French Ambassador to Japan, Mr. Laurent Pic, ate the chocolate as a reward.

The ambassador loves gateau chocolat, a traditional French confectionery, and seems to have liked our store's reward chocolate after being introduced to it by a staff member.

We are very honored to receive the approval from the French Ambassador.


many local media

Gohobi Chocolat has been covered by numerous local media outlets.


​ Thanks to this, many people have come to know about it, and it is now recognized as a representative souvenir from Fukuoka.


Hanako Fukuoka City Guide

We were featured in Hanako's Fukuoka feature as a popular sweets shop.


Since it was published in a national newspaper, we started receiving inquiries from all over the country.


Because of this connection, we received a request from Shinjuku Takashimaya for an event and were able to sell our products in Tokyo as well.

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