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5th anniversary

Thanks to everyone's support, Gohoi Chocolat will celebrate its 5th anniversary on June 27, 2023.

From Reward Chocolat to everyoneWith gratitude

June 24th - June 30thperiod of

We have prepared a special plan for you to enjoy.

[Part 1]5th anniversary limited special set! Popular cheese and pistachio

“5th Anniversary Limited Reward Chocolate 2-piece Set”
¥5,500 (tax included)
[Limited time sale] June 24th to June 30th

For a limited time, we will be selling two bottles of pistachios, which are usually only available in March, and two bottles of cheese, which can only be purchased in August!

Normally the total is 7,500 yen...

What a serious thank you price: 2,000 yen off!

We will sell it for 5,500 yen!

We have started accepting reservations, so please make a reservation♪

Please note that if the reservation period is full, sales will end prior to the reservation period.


Product name: Cheese gateau chocolate

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, whole milk powder, eggs, granulated sugar, cream cheese, dairy products, vegetable oil, lemon juice, salt, emulsifier (lecithin), sodium metaphosphate, stabilizer (polysaccharide thickener) (part of the raw materials) (contains milk, eggs, soybeans) Size: approx. 8 x 16 x 3.0 cm

Product name: Pistachio gateau chocolate

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, whole milk powder, eggs, granulated sugar, pistachio paste, fresh cream, pistachios, emulsifier (lecithin) (some of the ingredients include milk, eggs, soybeans, and nuts) Size: Approx. 8 x 16 x 3.0 cm


Regarding sales and shipping: Delivered frozen. It will be sent by frozen delivery.

Regarding storage: 1 week in the refrigerator, 1 month in the freezer (to prevent confusion, the expiry date printed on products is always 1 week).

How to defrost: Place in the refrigerator for about half a day. We also recommend taking it out of the refrigerator and enjoying it at room temperature.

Due to the nature of the product, please be careful not to heat it in the microwave or oven.


The delivery period is from Saturday, June 24, 2023 to Friday, June 30, 2023.

Please note that we cannot accept other specifications.

If you purchase this product in bulk with standard reward chocolate or daifuku,

Delivery will be from Saturday, June 24, 2023 to Friday, June 30, 2023.

However, if you purchase this item along with other products that have a set sales period, we will not be able to specify separate dates, so we will accept combined shipping outside of the sales period.

Please note that due to the nature of the product, we cannot accept cancellations.

For reservations​Click here

​*Reservations only.

[Part 2] Store event held!

June 24th (Sat) - June 30th (Fri)

During the week mentioned above, the Gohobi Chocolat store has prepared a wonderful project entitled "Customer Appreciation Project" for everyone who visits and purchases from the store!

​Part 1If you purchase over 3,300 yen, you will be entered into a lottery where you can win gorgeous prizes!

1st prize: Disney Resort Pair Ticket

2nd prize: BRUNO handy iron steamer

​3 etc.: Hot sandwich maker

4th prize: 1 reward chocolate daifuku (30 people)

Part 2Rock, paper, scissors for purchases over 190 yen!

*If you have won the luxurious prize lottery in step 1, you cannot do this.

If you win at rock, paper, scissors,As a reward, you will receive 1 cut of chocolate (usually 450 yen) on the spot!

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